General Integration

This is general documentation that includes products that can be used with Virtual hosted pages or Enterprise integration.

Webhook Setup

  1. Please contact us at in order to enable and setup webhooks for your application.
  2. You need to expose an endpoint in your system and send us the url in order for us to configure your webhook.
  3. Adumo Online will send the results of each transaction to this endpoint up to a maximum of 3 times.
  4. Once our system receives a 200 OK message we will stop sending the webhook.
  5. Your system will need to interpret the below JSON payload, once received your system should return a 200 OK message.
  6. The JSON payload will be sent via a HTTP POST, so your endpoint needs to accept a POST.

JSON Payload Example

"timestamp" : "1673895912969",
"transactionId" : "ce02242d-1159-4c9f-9af1-f378ba4e4c1c",
"merchantReference" : "UMHUMH71GBR",
"originatingTransactionId" : "0ed7adb5-9d12-48fc-8773-c6c76b84f18b",
"status" : "SETTLED",
"paymentMethod" : "CARD",
"amount" : 600.0,
"message" : "Approved or Completed Successfully",
"possibleFraudulentTransaction" : false,
"version" : "V2",
"puid" : "cd5d9842-a106-47ee-b975-e0c25b0cf2e2",
"tkn" : "39cca78d-391e-4e3d-bdd7-b3e323f6cae4",

Decoded Response JWT Example

  "jti": "[B@709a999e",
  "iat": 1673895918,
  "cuid": "9BA5008C-08EE-4286-A349-54AF91A621B0",
  "auid": "23ADADC0-DA2D-4DAC-A128-4845A5D71293",
  "result": 0,
  "transactionIndex": "ce02242d-1159-4c9f-9af1-f378ba4e4c1c",
  "status": "SETTLED",
  "mref": "UMHUMH71GBR",
  "puid": "cd5d9842-a106-47ee-b975-e0c25b0cf2e2"
  "tkn": "39cca78d-391e-4e3d-bdd7-b3e323f6cae4"
  "amount": "600.0"

Field Reference

Data Element Name Field Type Format Example Description
timestamp string Unix Time 1673895912969 Time of the Transaction
transactionId string GUID ce02242d-1159-4c9f-9af1-f378ba4e4c1c Adumo Online Identifier for transaction
merchantReference string 255 UMHUMH71GBR Your Order or Invoice Number
originatingTransactionId string GUID 0ed7adb5-9d12-48fc-8773-c6c76b84f18b Session Identifier - For Virtual payments this is generated by Adumo Online
status string 255 "AUTHORIZED”, - Success
"SETTLED”, - Success
“FAILED”, - Failure
“DECLINED”, - Bank Declined
“TIME_OUT” - 3DS Not completed
State of the Transaction
paymentMethod string 255 CARD Payment Option Used for the transaction
amount number float 1.00 Transaction amount
message string 255 Approved or Completed Successfully Further information on the transaction
possibleFraudulentTransaction boolean false Was this transaction flagged for fraud
version string 255 V2 Webhook Service version
puid string GUID cd5d9842-a106-47ee-b975-e0c25b0cf2e2 If the customers card is saved (Tokenized) this field will return the profile that the card is saved to. This should be passed in on future transactions by this customer to display their saved cards
tkn string GUID 39cca78d-391e-4e3d-bdd7-b3e323f6cae4 If the card was saved, this field contains the token of the card itself. This can be used on API calls to initiate transactions with the saved details.
token string 255 eyJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiJ9.eyJqdGkiOiJbQkA3MDlhOTk5ZSIsImlhdCI6MTY3Mzg5NTkxOCwiY3VpZCI6IjlCQTUwMDhDL TA4RUUtNDI4Ni1BMzQ5LTU0QUY5MUE2MjFCMCIsImF1aWQiOiIyM0FEQURDMC1EQTJELTREQUMtQTEyOC00ODQ1QTVENzEyO TMiLCJyZXN1bHQiOjAsInRyYW5zYWN0aW9uSW5kZXgiOiJjZTAyMjQyZC0xMTU5LTRjOWYtOWFmMS1mMzc4YmE0ZTRjMWMiLC JzdGF0dXMiOiJTRVRUTEVEIiwibXJlZiI6IlVNSFVNSDcxR0JSIiwiYW1vdW50IjoiNjAwLjAifQ.QZzQPzTWhfvM-u4pJDu_CcE951j7KTE_E51dsN0nAZM Response JWT - Encrypted version of the webhook message this can be used to verify the information in the webhook is valid and from Adumo Online.

Response JWT Unique Fields

Data Element Name Field Type Format Example Description
cuid string GUID 9BA5008C-08EE-4286-A349-54AF91A621B0 Merchant Identifier for the Merchant's Account
auid string GUID 23ADADC0-DA2D-4DAC-A128-4845A5D71293 Application Identifier for the Merchant's Application
result number int 0 0 = Success; -1 = Failure; 1 = Collection succesful with warning;
iat timestamp Unix time 1673895918 Time that response token was initiated at

Virtual Reference